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Teak cleaning and sealing

PaintWorld Ltd offer teak cleaning and sailing services for your vessel. We are based in Southampton, Gosport and Lymington. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Restore faded decks

Teak wood is the material used for boat decks. If you keep that in great condition it will enhance its beauty with having ongoing maintenance. Teak Cleaning and Sealing for tired and faded decks on your boat. All decks need to be checked before we complete our teak care service. PaintWorld Ltd can restore teak decks and flybridges, steps and swim platforms with a two-part chemical clean. Ideally suited for newly installed decks or decks that are in good or reasonable condition. To minimise stains and water marks we can advise on a Teak Sealing service to provide protection. 

Cleaning: We use safe methods to complete this service, so we don't damage the fibres of the teak. 

Protection: Offering maintenance and protecting the appearance of your boat.

Two-part cleaners: This is a more powerful method but can be harsh on the teak itself. However it is a great way in brightening and cleaning the teak.

View our teak cleaning video here -

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Breathe new life into your ship's woodwork


Our friendly staff offer care and attention to detail, we can help with restoring and renewing your teak woodwork for you.

Call us on: 07546 253441


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