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boats with protective tarpaulins

Ceramic Coating in Southampton

PaintWorld Ltd are providing an excellent way to protect and maintain the longevity of your vessel from different surfaces that can impact it.

Boat in harbour treated for ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating for hull sides and superstructures

If you own a boat, we are sure you understand how difficult it can be to maintain and clean at times. Having a ceramic coating to your boat is a way to protect the paint job completed. Ceramic coating is liquid polymer that is spread across the surface to ensure a protective layer. This is a way to make sure it has a long-lasting shine to it. A great way to make it look brand new.


Benefits of ceramic coating

A benefit of ceramic coating is the protection against UV fading on gelcoat and painted surfaces. UV rays can have a damaging effect to your boat making it look old as time goes on. Ceramic coating protects hulls that are made from gelcoat or fiberglass. This product is suited to clients requiring a harder wearing, longer lasting alternative to conventional wax protection. Ceramic Coating can be applied to your boat in your marina.

Ceramic coating is great for resistance of scratches and scuff that can build up over time.

This service is generally better left to our expert team as applying a ceramic coating is a process that involves a lot of preparation and maintaining. 

ceramic coating at PaintWorld Ltd

Ceramic coating service completed with high standards by PaintWorld Ltd from Southampton


Reach out to us for a complete yacht and boat servicing. Does your boat need a lift? We are happy to oblige to your request.

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