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Antifouling boat treatment

Anti-fouling in Southampton

At PaintWorld Ltd in Southampton, Gosport and Lymington. We offer antifouling paint that is sued to protect your boat from marine organisms. Please contact us for more information.

Boat Sandblasting Services

Care below the waterline.

Anti-fouling is used to coat under your vessel.

Antifouling for your boat or sailing yacht is provided by PaintWorld Ltd. Antifouling is an important part of boat maintenance and we use premium brands such as International Paints, Hempel, and Sea-Jet, to get this job completed. We can prepare your hull while she is on the hardstanding and apply two coats as a minimum.

Scale and growth can build-up on your boats which can impact its running gear performance. Have your Propeller and Shaft polished at the same time.


Our highly qualified and experienced team provide high quality services for anti-fouling. Based in Southampton and surrounding areas, please reach out to us for more details on this service.

wood restoration for boats and yachts

Smooth sailing with a clean hull


We want to ensure that we keep your ship hull free from any marine growth that may have happened over time. So we can make sure your hull is well-protected.

Call us on: 07546 253441


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