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boat polish and wax

Machine Polishing and Waxing

PaintWorld Ltd are here to polish and wax your boat to its highest standard, making sure you are completely satisfied with our service. We are situated in Southampton, Gosport, and Lymington.

Boat Detailing

Machine polishing and waxing for your boat

Machine Polishing and Waxing for superstructures and hull sides. This service we offer ensures a visibly enhanced glossy finish to your boat or yacht. Your boat will be fully waxed once the surface has been polished, reducing hard maintenance while you enjoy your time aboard.

Machine polishing is typically suited as an annual service. Tired or faded gelcoats may be subject to viewing to ensure an accurate quote is given.

Waxing jobs will be completed in these steps:

  1. We will clean the boat by removing any dirt, salt, stains and mold.

  2. Then we will polish your boat by making a smooth glossy surface, so your boat is protected.

  3. With waxing your boat, we will apply a wax coating that will protect the polished gelcoat.


Important notice: Please make sure your hull is not cleaned before the polishing or waxing process, this may leave dirt in the gelcoat.

Boats and ships in harbour

PaintWorld Ltd offers machine polishing and waxing to protect your vessel. Call us today on 07546 253441 or email on

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