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Coppercoat boat services

Coppercoat services in Southampton

PaintWorld Ltd are here to provide excellent coppercoat services in Southampton, Gosport Lymington

Coppercoat services

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Coppercoat is the most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating available. A single treatment of this water-based and VOC-free resin commonly provides a high level of fouling protection for a decade or more. By using Coppercoat, owners save the time and expense of the repainting associated with traditional anti-fouls.


You can count on Paint World Yachts to not only meet, but exceed all your boat restoration needs and requests. With over 16 years of experience, PaintWorld Ltd are unmatched in their ability to provide any number of services that restore and maintain your prized vessel. Whether it’s a minor refit, waxing or polishing, our boat painting services in Southampton are carried out to the very highest standards, quality workmanship and first-class service. Over the years, we have spent time with companies such as Pinmar Barcelona, Sunseeker and Princess Yachts, we’re able to complete all boat restoration in Southampton to exceptional standards. Your boat will be finished perfectly, fill you with pride and joy that will be restored to what it was on its maiden voyage. Learn more about what we can offer below.

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Contact us today, by calling 07546 253441 emailing or completing our contact form to let us know what boat painting services in Southampton you need. We can take care of it.

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